Was it fate that made you lower your head, or was it yourself? ——《Throne of Magical Arcana》


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Latest Updates

Genre Title Release Author Translator Time
Romance Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard 53 Becoming The Backdrop Passion Honey Yunyi 33 minutes ago
Modern Strange Life of a Cat 100 Why Did You Bring The Cat? Lazy Cliché Alex in Wonderland/ERROR #666# 46 minutes ago
Xianxia Seeking the Flying Sword Path 99 Unable to Escape I Eat Tomatoes CKtalon/GGP/QuiescentNight/Arron 1 hour ago
Romance Bringing the Nation's Husband Home 166 Karma Calls(8) Ye Fei Ye Kingbao/Paperplane 1 hour ago
Modern Cultivation Chat Group 193 Are you threatening me? Legend of the Paladin GodBrandy/Stardu5t 2 hours ago
Xianxia Painting of the Nine Immortals 205 Battle of the Physiques Autumn Morning Sophie Wang/Tatienne 2 hours ago
Romance Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! 152 I Want My Son's Custody The Courtesan's Smile Lonelytree 3 hours ago
Modern Trafford's Trading Club 180 An Awesome Eristic White Jade of Sunset Mountain Alfredo Poutine Soup 3 hours ago
Xuanhuan God Of Slaughter 489 New legend! Ni Cang Tian Wuxia Dream/Sigma 3 hours ago
Sci-Fi Age of Cosmic Exploration 209 Tame Zhttty Lonelytree 4 hours ago
Modern Fishing the Myriad Heavens 154 Drown Them Then. Dao Is Unfathomable AstralGhost 4 hours ago
Sci-Fi Legend of the Supreme Soldier 234 Lian Yue Fang Xiang EndlessFantasy Translation 5 hours ago
Xuanhuan Transcending the Nine Heavens 462 I Must Ask Elder Brother Chu Yang... Feng Ling Tian Xia Novel Saga 5 hours ago
Sci-Fi I have a Mansion in the Post-apocalyptic World 230 Greed Morning Star LL Min 6 hours ago
Sci-Fi Swallowed Star 688 Knowing Oneself I Eat Tomatoes Translation Nation 6 hours ago
Xianxia Soaring the Heavens 239 First Visit to the School of Blue Jade Traversing Thousand Sorrows Kelaude/SoupHunter 7 hours ago
Xuanhuan Ancient Godly Monarch 811 Idlecloud Immortal King’s Judgement Jing Wu Hen Lordbluefire 8 hours ago
Gaming Night Ranger 84 Life and Death Situation! Dark Blue Coconut Milk Translation Nations 8 hours ago
Xuanhuan The Avalon Of Five Elements 367 Stone Statue Fang Xiang TYZ/Irene/JL/YH/Cynthia 8 hours ago
Xianxia The Portal of Wonderland 185 The Golden Dragon Gang Wang Yu Novel Saga 9 hours ago

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